Live Tweet Chat #TASCON17 on Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 5.00PM IST
#TASCON17 Tweet Chat Questions

Why is Diversity Hiring Important and what are the issues faced during Diversity Hiring?

Do you think you need to have a different strategy for Millennial Hiring? How do you attract such talent?

What according to you are the top 3 trends in the Talent Acquisition Space that will disrupt the way we hire?

In this day and age of automation, how do you ensure human touch while attracting talent?

Which is your favorite Chrome Extension and how does it help you?

Do you think Video Interviewing is the next best disruption in the Talent Acquisition Space? Why?

Who do you think will win the battle : "Being Human" or Artificial Intelligence?

#TASCON17 Tweet Chat Guidelines

The duration of the chat will be for 60 mins starting from 5.00PM to 6:00PM.

Please respond to the questions using A1, A2 and attach the screenshot to help us identify which question you are referring while responding.

Use #TASCON17 as hashtag for every tweet. You can click on this tag to see all other responses.

Lastly, please help us make this discussion engaging with your opinions, RTs and by inviting your colleagues.

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